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Apple Valley, MN, United States

Created by Ara Sweet Nothing


24k Elixir Serum/Primer


Skip a step in your makeup routine with this 2-and-1 serum & primer. 24k gold and the mixture of ingredients create blood circulation & it’s anti-inflammatory. You’ll see immediate results after application. Because blood is circulating properly, you’ll see a reduction in redness, swelling/puffiness and your skin will feel firmer. Yes to even-toned, glowing, firmer skin. This makes for a great base going into any makeup look or wearing it alone for an even, glowing complexion. Our carefully crafted ingredients will keep your skin glowing, hold makeup in place, reduce collagen depletion and hydrated skin.


SkinType: This works for all skin types.

Can be worn alone or before makeup application. We've added a prime ingredient Glycerin that will lock your makeup in place. 


The best way to wear with make-up is to apply a light even coat all over, allow the product to absorb, and then go in with your normal routine. 


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